November 2016

    "Awaken the medicine within, and restore the natural self-healing capacity of body, mind, and spirit."
Dr. Roger Jahnke in THE HEALER WITHIN

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A few days ago Karen (our wonderful Research lady) forwarded to me an item from our friend Denise Manley Demick concerning the possibility that probiotics plays a role in Multiple Sclerosis.  Check it out. Just scroll down to the section on Multiple Sclerosis.


Here's the link:


It is a very interesting theory. I'm sure in time we will read more and more research on this topic.


In the meantime as Karen says, "It can't hurt to try it."  It could be as simple as consuming a good quality yogurt every day which contains live probiotics bacteria (check the label).


For a long time I have wondered if probiotics perhaps play a major role in almost all disease processes. After I read this item today, it occurred to me that the problem is really mostly antibiotics.  Antibiotics are the opposite of probiotics. 


Probiotics evolved in the human body to play a major role in our immune response, and when doctors began prescribing antibiotics, they killed off many if not most of our probiotics. It boils down to this – you can’t kill off the bad “guys” without killing off many of the good “guys.” That is what chemotherapy does – it attempts to kill the cancer cells but in the process in many, many cases it kills off the healthy cells. I wish I knew a little  more about this so I could write more intelligently about it.


FROM:  Merriam-Webster



Tending to prevent, inhibit, or destroy life. Commonly administered by physicians to attempt to kill bacteria.


A preparation (as a dietary supplement) containing live bacteria that is taken orally to restore beneficial bacteria to the digestive system


I got so fascinated researching this item I stumbled on "Kefir," which is a beverage of fermented cow's milk, much like yogurt. The difference is that yogurt typically contains from 2 to 5 live cultures, while Kefir contains 13 to 15. Kefir is referred to in ancient writings of many European cultures.


In my Internet research I turned up an author, Donna Schwenk, who does a free video series called, Discover the Power of Probiotic Foods. 


Here's a LINK  to the video I watched. (The link is terribly long, so if it doesn't work for you, just go to and do a search for this author's name.


I watched one of her videos and was so impressed I went to a local health food store and purchased two quarts of Kefir. Kefir, incidentally, can be made in our kitchen for much less money, and it does not have to be made from dairy milk. Of course any number of foods may be fermented, which is a subject for another day.


Kefir is very expensive.  A quart container in my town sells for between $5.15 and $6.00, and one daily serving of 8 ounces (1 cup) is recommended.  However, the more I read about it, I decided to do a 30-day test and see if I find it beneficial.  Stay tuned and I'll update you in the next newsletter.


Oh by the way, mine tastes really yummy!




Eat Cyanide-containing vegetables!


You're probably thinking, "What are you talking about?!"


I'm talking about cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, and kale.


And it is true . . . These nutrition powerhouses do contain harmless trace amounts of allyl cyanide. But let's talk for a second about what else they contain . . . Namely, fiber and sulforaphane.


"Okay, fiber I know, but what's sulforaphane?"


Sulforaphane is a compound in cruciferous vegetables that has been clinically shown to combat bad, digestion-wrecking bacteria in your gut.


In other words, that side of cabbage at your Thanksgiving does more than round out the meal . . . It helps protect you from serious digestive problems like bloating and diarrhea. . . AND on top of fighting the bad bacteria, cruciferous vegetables feed the GOOD bacteria in your gut.


You see, your friendly gut bacteria eat the FIBER in your Brussels sprouts and use it to make special compounds called short-chain fatty acids. These compounds feed and strengthen your gut lining, protecting your digestion in the process.   And it doesn't stop there . . . Fiber also helps control your cravings, filling you up faster and leaving you full longer. So, you wind up eating fewer calories while still feeling satisfied!


In  other words, by eating cruciferous veggies, you're both improving your digestion and getting thinner!


So, add that broccoli and cauliflower to your salad, have some of those Brussels sprouts on the side of that Thanksgiving turkey. Your digestive tract - and waistline - will thank you. :)


Amy Lee, MD

Weight control specialist and

Head of Nutrition, NUCIFIC




Self-Talk is one of the most powerful healing techniques there is.  I learned it from Louise Hay about 30 years ago.  It can be done in meditation, also just before you drift off to sleep at night.


Talking to yourself in a mirror is extremely powerful and empowering. Last year when I had several months of recovery from extensive surgery and could do no exercise, I was dealing with extreme nerve pain, and I refused the strong pain meds my doctors wanted to prescribe.  One night when I was just about at the end of my ability to cope, I stood in front of the counter in my bathroom, placed my hands on the counter to either side, looked directly into my eyes in the mirror, and literally screamed as loud as I could, "Go away pain. Go away," several times. As I repeated it several times, I actually hammered the counter with my fists, as tears streamed down my face. I remember being almost surprised when it went away immediately and totally, and I had no more pain for weeks.  


Check out my e-book MICHAEL AND ME: CREATING A HEALTHY, ABUNDANT AND JOYFUL LIFE on Amazon for more life-affirming techniques.






Thanksgiving is always a challenge for me because I lost my son, Kevin, five days before Thanksgiving, 2006. Thanksgiving was his very favorite holiday from the time he was a child, because it was always about family.  November 18 this year it will be 10 years since Kevin graduated to his next experience.  He was always so supportive of me.  We were very close his entire life, and I miss him greatly, every day. So, I dedicate this issue of Journey to Wellness to Kevin.


He was born May 30, 1064, so he would be 52 years old were he still with us.  This is one of my favorite photos of me and him at a restaurant on my birthday, a couple of years before his lung cancer diagnosis. My experience losing him taught me many things, but the major thing I learned is how the love continues, perhaps even grows, even though his life on this planet has ended.





This photo of Kevin and his then 10-year-old son Zachary,

was taken in April prior to Kevin's passing in November. 

Zach was 10 at the time of his father's passing, and in

January 2017, Zach will be 21 years old.


The time certainly passes rapidly. It seems he should still be that little guy.


daffodil.wmf (21564 bytes)daffodil.wmf (21564 bytes)daffodil.wmf (21564 bytes) 

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) Healthy Food Tips


                3 medium sweet potatoes (2 pounds total), scrubbed and cut into 1/4 to 1/2-inch-thick sticks
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
      1/2 c. finely grated Parmesan cheese
      coarse salt and freshly ground pepper 1.

2.     Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Toss together sweet potatoes and oil in a large bowl until evenly coated; season with 1 teaspoon salt and pepper to taste. Dredge potatoes in Parmesan and arrange in a single layer on rimmed baking sheet(s).      

4.     Bake, rotating sheets and tossing sweet potatoes halfway through, until golden brown and crisp, 20 to 25 minutes. Serve immediately.


Side-By-Side Comparison  -  of the nutrient levels of seven leafy greens:


The following table, created with information from the USDA Food Composition Databases, compares different minerals and vitamins found in these seven leafy greens per 1-cup serving.









Vit E


Vit C


Vit A


Vit K






















Swiss Chard













































*mg = milligrams  |  *IU=International Units  |  *ug = micrograms


Pasted from <>


Obviously spinach is the most nutrient rich of all greens.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Private Skype Video Consultations

If you are newly diagnosed, when it is so important to get started on a good wellness program before you sustain significant neurological damage, this may be a option you wish to consider. Or perhaps you feel "stuck," and have become discouraged. A private consultation can really kick start your program. These consultations can either b done by Skype video (if you have a web cam), or by telephone, up to two hours in length. A coach or mentor can be invaluable in your healing journey. If you are interested in knowing more about a personal consultation, please let me know HERE and I'll send specific information, as well as a pre-consultation questionnaire and testimonials.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  From my Mailbox
Join the Conversation


Hi Betty,  Please tell me how you stay so upbeat.  I feel like I fail when I "fall off the wagon." Help.  /s/ Carole T.


Hi Carole.  That's a very good question. Thanks for asking it. I do not believe anyone is perfect; I most certainly am not. I go through ups and downs, just like we all do.  Last month was a classic example.  I shared in the October Journey to Wellness about the very severe reaction I had to the flu vaccine. I really was very sick for over three weeks.  When something like that happens to me, I find it really difficult to get back on track. I have learned over the years that the only thing that has changed is I have lost my normal focus. Getting back to my regular daily meditation is always challenging.  My tendency is to tell myself I just don't feel like doing it.  When I get to that point I start with 5-10 minutes in the morning when my body is feeling at its best.  If I wait until later in the day, I simply will choose not to do it.


Just remember that you haven't failed when you get off your program for one reason or another.  You have merely lost focus.  The feeling is sort of like going down hill and not seeing the bottom.  Instead of focusing on having gotten off track, just focus on getting back on track.  A little at a time. And sooner or later you'll be back to your normal routine.


The most difficult time I had getting back on track was after my world was crushed when my son, Kevin, graduated to his next experience. I was understandably devastated and I went for many months totally off track. But eventually I was able to regain my focus.


Hello Betty. I really enjoyed your meditation vs. mindfulness in the last newsletter. I learned a lot. I look forward to reading your report of your next mindfulness training. Thank you.  /s/ John K.


Dear Betty. Thanks to you and Karen for the Cannabis/Marijuana report. It was very informative. I am going to talk to my neuro about it on my next visit.  /s/ Betsy J.


Thank you Carole, John, and Betsy.  I really appreciate the feedback.


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Happy Thanksgiving. Be kind to yourself, and please remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You never know when you may not have another opportunity.


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medically trained person, and I  do not give medical advice. But I have been a very serious student of Multiple Sclerosis for many years now, and also nutrition, and have developed a program that has kept me symptom free for a lot of years. I  merely share what I have learned in my own journey to healing.