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    "Awaken the medicine within, and restore the natural self-healing capacity of body, mind, and spirit."
                                                                                                Dr. Roger Jahnke in THE HEALER WITHIN

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Hello to all my Journey to Wellness family. I am so ready for spring.  In much of the United States where I live we have had a very long, cold, and rainy winter.  Sometimes it seemed we couldn't buy any warm sunshine.  Now it has finally - at least for now - arrived, and it feels wonderful I hope you are enjoying a lovely early spring wherever on this planet you may live.  It still amazes me that people from every continent receive this newsletter. And I am immensely glad and appreciative of the trust you have placed in me. I look at the subscriber list and know that many of you have been with me since this newsletter was in its infancy.  Thank you my friends.


If there is one thing I never want to be it is ordinary. And I learned long ago that if my life was going to be extraordinary, then it was up to me to make that happen. I made a decision many years ago to expose myself to many points of view on any field that interests me. That meant reading everything I heard about that might help me in my decision.

If you were to walk into my home today you would most likely say it seems like a library.  Books, books, and more books. A few years ago I came to realize that I needed to rid myself of many dozens of my collection.  Primarily my books relate to human potential, health and healing, spirituality, and science. My second area of interest is all things related to nutrition, as well as cooking.

When I decided to reduce the size of my library, I went to the local large lending library where I live, and was surprised to learn that they were interested in a donation of only a very few of my so-called self help books, and they do not accept nutrition and food related books. Most of my books were in new condition, just as I had purchased them.

I also discovered I had read only a portion of many of the books. So my collection of "I'll finish reading this another time" books made up the largest group.  This tendency to get excited about a new book, only to become bored or disappointed with it after I began reading, is I understand a common tendency. Can you relate?

The retirement community in which I live has a large and beautiful library, and I even tried to donate those books there.  Alas, it seems that too few residents are interested in the kinds of books I wished to donate. I had about 150 books in that group, and eventually I was faced with giving them to our recycling company.

At this point I still had hundreds more, and I decided to keep only the ones that I had used - primarily as a reference - in the last 6 to 8 years. Mostly I followed that rule for disposing of many, many more books. Some I just could not make myself part with. Books that had played an important role in leading me through my healing journey often brought me to tears. And I could not part with them. I came to know that I have a love affair with books. They are like my children. Now you would think that my experience having to recycle many, many books would have taught me to stop purchasing so many, but no. That has not proven to be the case.

I really am trying to purchase mostly e-books today, so they reside in my iPad instead of taking up shelf space. But there is something about some kinds of books that I want to hold them in my hands. I hope that many of my most beloved books will find a loving new home when I transition to whatever comes next, and that someone else will love them as much as I have.



The last couple of newsletters featuring gut health have generated more questions from readers than anything this newsletter has featured in quite a while. I will try to answer them in time. As it turns out, most “diseases of modern society” -- like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, ALS, heart disease, diabetes, depression, thyroid disorders, obesity, and many more diseases and disorders -- have been linked to the presence of chronic inflammation in the body.


The foods you eat and the lifestyle you enjoy can either fan the damaging fires of inflammation -- or control them or douse them and put them out!  I suggest you read everything you can find about inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods.


If you pick the right foods & make the right lifestyle decisions, food can truly be your medicine!  If you’ve been struggling with a chronic disease(s), can’t lose weight, are foggy minded or bloated all the time, then I strongly encourage you to get started eliminating highly inflammatory items from your diet. I absolutely know it will change your life for the better!


Getting Started:  Do not - I repeat DO NOT try to do everything at one time, because if you do, you will very likely fail. Why? Because we are such creatures of habit. Instead begin eliminating one highly inflammatory food.  I strongly urge you to make that sugar. Since sugar is highly addictive, you will need to face that demon first.  Remember it is added processed sugar (read the ingredient label) that we need to eliminate. 


I am a big oatmeal person, and I couldn't quite eat it without some sweetener.  So, I learned to add unsweetened applesauce, or mashed banana. The natural sugar in these fruits makes the oatmeal pleasantly sweet. This is just one example of learning to make foods naturally sweet without added processed sugar or artificial sweeteners.


Second, eliminate flour and any foods made with it.  Bread lovers beware. Much of the so-called whole wheat bread in supermarkets is just colored brown - usually with molasses or brown sugar - and it is just as bad as eating white bread. Look for the 100% sprouted grain breads made without any flour. Food for Life markets Ezekiel sprouted grain breads, and Trader Joe's also carries them. They really are surprisingly good.


There is much more to be said about sugar and flour and the ways they are hidden in many foods.  In the weeks and months to come, we'll go into this in more depth.  I am attempting to make getting started with this new way of eating as easy as possible, if you have not already eliminated these two foods.


Eliminating these two items from your diet will begin to rebuild your mitochondria and give you ultimately a healthy gut flora and thus a healthy microbiome and immune response/system. Having been through doing this myself, I assure you it is worth all the effort to get there.  


Please send me your questions HERE and I'll respond in a future issue.  If you have a question or challenge, probably other readers have the same questions and/or challenges.




Do you want to reduce the stresses in your life?  Or perhaps increase your performance in any area of you life? How about increasing the quality of your sleep?


Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. tells us that Meditation is Medicine.  You all know how firmly I believe that meditation played a pivotal role in my recovery from PPMS. I truly believe that our personal healer resides within each and every one of us.  I also believe that whatever we seek is within us, and that we can access them through meditation.


Dr. Hyman says,  "If there was something you could do every day to boost your focus and productivity, feel energized, reduce stress, sleep better, maintain a positive outlook, and support whole-body health, wouldn’t you do it? It’s for all these reasons, and more, that I consider meditation a foundational pillar to good health."


Emily Fletcher, creator of the Ziva approach to meditating and author of the newly released book Stress Less, Accomplish More, Meditation for Extraordinary Performance, says:


Let’s Face It: Stress Makes You Stupid, Sad and Sick* Medical science today teaches that at least 80% of whatever physical challenges we have are due to stress.


I very highly recommend Emily's new book. It can change your life immeasurably. Emily is the best meditation teacher I have ever encountered. And for less than the cost of a dinner at your favorite restaurant, you can learn her easy-to-learn techniques. I wish I had learned her Ziva approach when I first began meditating.


If all the above doesn't motivate you to add meditation to your daily routine, then I have no idea how to accomplish that. Everyone needs to develop the habit of daily meditation.


*Pasted from <>

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 PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes) Book Review: The Doves of Castle Dunbrair 

One of our long-time subscribers, Cettina (C.S.) Catlin has just published a new e-book novel on Amazon titled The Doves of Castle Dunbrair. It is a most enjoyable page turner that I highly recommend.

I am in awe of Cettina's story telling ability. She has crafted a story of intrigue, mystery, and romance incorporating several generations of time travel. I promise you will not be able to put this book down. The ending is one of those surprises that you just don't see coming.

When you finish reading The Doves of Castle Dunbrair you will understand the meaning of this famous quote from Albert Einstein:

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
It can only be changed from one
form to another."

Let's all help make The Doves of Castle Dunbrair a best seller! When you finish reading this book, please leave a nice review on Amazon. Please do remember that Cettina is one of us.

 PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)   SPRING - Ahhhh!


We are just beginning to see signs that Spring is almost here. As the days are getting longer, the air seems fresher and of course the sunlight seems brighter. As I look out my home office window, I see lots of my patio container plants with massive blooms. Baby small animals like squirrels and little birds are appearing. It is easy to see that this is a time of renewal on our planet. My message for you is that we too, if we so choose, can participate in this springtime process of rebirth and rejuvenation.


We can choose to get with nature's program, in a sense, by paying greater attention both to what's happening around us and what our bodies, our instinctive and intuitive selves that I call our Internal Guidance System, is telling us.


What a perfect segue into reminding us all the April means Earth Day. I often post reminders on my Facebook blogs of the importance of caring for our beautiful planet. We are so blessed to have been provided this magnificent planet to call home.  But sometimes it seems that too many of us take it for granted. Please let's not do that!


Back to our springtime and physical renewal topic. Our bodies instinctively know what's good for us. Without any conditioned responses to get in the way, we would accurately notice our inner inclinations and respond appropriately. For example, in the wild, one never encounters an out-of-shape bird or squirrel. Rhododendrons and roses are never tired or fatigued. Lilacs and lilies never appear listless or depleted. All these living entities get their nourishment directly from the environment. All these living entities are constantly exercising throughout the day; flowers and plants by aligning themselves with the rays of the sun, following the earth's daily rotation, and birds and other animals by engaging in food-collecting, play and flitting about from dawn to dusk.


When we place plants or animals in environments in which they cannot survive, as we have done with domesticated animals, and plants such as those on my patio, then they require constant attention to survive.


But humans have mechanization and labor-saving devices. We no longer are required to engage in exercise to do our work and obtain sufficient nourishment. In Western societies, we have vastly more food choices available than do our plant and animal friends. It's very easy for us to go long stretches of time without engaging in any vigorous exercise, and it's very easy to make food choices that appeal to our cravings rather than to appropriate nutrition.


Importantly, we have the ability to realign with nature's imperatives and, in the process, dramatically enhance our overall health and well-being. Such realignment includes eating a nutritious diet, including at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. I cannot think of healthy eating without remembering Dr. Fuhrman's G-BOMBS, that is,

                                                                                   Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds. 


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The following is quoted from the Internet's FOOD BABE (Vani Hari) 

The implication is that everything allowed in processed food - preservatives, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers—has gone through some sort of rigorous testing and approval by the FDA proving they’re okay to eat. But that’s absolutely not the case . . . In fact, the FDA is sometimes not even AWARE that a new ingredient has been introduced into our food! 

How is this possible?  

The FDA allows food manufacturers to decide whether an ingredient is safe to eat or not. That’s right: all an ingredient manufacturer has to do is hire their own experts to claim under “reasonable certainty in the minds of competent scientists that the substance is not harmful under the intended conditions of use” and the manufacturer may deem it as “GRAS,” which stands for “Generally Recognized as Safe.” This is the green light to start adding it to food products. 

This is nothing short of terrifying, and allows companies to skirt around the FDA and essentially put whatever they want into our food! So, how do you protect yourself? I show you an easy way to eat healthy and spot dangerous lies on product packages in my new book, FEEDING YOU LIES, which will publish February 19, 2019.

Pasted from <>

Vani Hari, AKA The Food Babe on the Internet, is a food activist. She has a newly-published book, FEEDING YOU LIES - How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health. As I write this I have just begun to read this book, and it looks like a winner.  

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Bon Appétit - Healthy Food Tips and Recipes

Occasionally I come across a recipe that I decide to try, and I absolutely love it.  This Roasted Cauliflower Soup is one of those.  Enjoy. 



1 large head of cauliflower (about 1-1/4 lb.), chopped into small florets

4 garlic cloves, peeled

1 medium yellow onion, coarsely chopped

3 small red potatoes, skins on, cut into 1/2” cubes

4 1/2 c. bone broth (or chicken or veggie stock)

1 can (14 oz.) full-fat unsweetened coconut milk (about 2 cups)

3 T olive oil

3/4 t. sea salt

1/2 t. ground black pepper

1 t. dried thyme

1/4 t. cayenne (optional)


1  Preheat oven to 450F.  

2  Drizzle a tablespoon of the olive oil over a large baking sheet, then add chopped or riced cauliflower, whole garlic cloves, and chopped onion to pan.  

3  Spread veggies in a single layer and drizzle with remaining olive oil.  

4  Season with 1/2 tsp of the sea salt, 1/4 tsp of the pepper, and the dried thyme. 

5  Roast for 30-35 minutes, stirring once halfway through; veggies are done when they are tender and golden brown and crispy on the edges. 

6  During the final 15 minutes of the veggies’ roasting time, put bone broth and remaining salt, pepper, and cayenne in a large pot. 

7  Add potato chunks and bring to a boil, then reduce to a quick simmer and cook for 10-15 minutes, until potatoes are tender. 

8 Add coconut milk to bone broth and potatoes and stir well to combine; remove from heat. 

9 When veggies are finished roasting, pour them into your creamy bone broth and blend until completely smooth before serving.

(The blending can be done with a hand-held immersion blender, which is how I make it, or by pureeing in your food processor.)


Many of you know that I was a music teacher in my past life. I also have had a lifelong love affair with creative cooking. So when I came across this item on the Internet, I couldn't resist sharing it. (Steven B., this one is for you!) 

May I "music nerd" out on you a bit? I think of cooking as building a chord.  Each note in the chord has a specific function. The root is the base on which you build, the third sets the mood, and the fifth really helps set the chord.  From there more notes add color, flare, and even mood.   Each note is important and serves it’s own functional role in the chord.  Change one note and the sound you hear is completely different. 

I do the same thing in the kitchen.  I find a base (usually one ingredient) and from there, I build an entire dish adding flavors and color as needed.  Each ingredient adds it’s own touch; change that one ingredient and your whole dish can taste different.  One of my favorite things is when a dish comes together in perfect harmony. Just like when I have tied everything together in a musical composition.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)   Research

 Multiple sclerosis drug pulled from market after reports of brain inflammation


In a rare move, the companies that make the multiple sclerosis drug daclizumab (brand name Zinbryta) have voluntarily pulled the medication from the market and stopped all clinical studies after reports of eight cases of serious brain inflammation among patients in Europe.


Manufacturers Biogen and AbbVie acted on the same day the European Medicines Agency called for an "urgent review" of the multiple sclerosis medicine.  

Seven patients in Germany and one in Spain presented with encephalitis and or meningoencephalitis, which are both inflammation of the brain.

Enzyme Produced by Gut Bacteria Linked to T-cell Attacks on Myelin in Study

(Here is an interesting study backing up the consensus that gut health and the microbiome play a key role in the development of multiple sclerosis.)


An enzyme produced by bacteria in the gut was seen to activate immune cells linked to the development and progression of multiple sclerosis, a finding that may pave the way for a vaccine that might alter autoimmune mechanisms involved in MS.

The study, “GDP-l-fucose synthase is a CD4+ T cell–specific autoantigen in DRB3*02:02 patients with multiple sclerosis,” was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.


Pasted from <>


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)   Books and DVD Orders


I invite you to order any of my e-books from Amazon at:


(Same information as Four Steps, but directed to non-MS people)


                (Michael and Me shares all the details of my own years-long healing  journey,  including meeting my spirit guide, whom I

            call Michael. If you are only getting one book, please get this one).

NOTE: The above books are also available in PDF format from my order page.


I have the very excellent Yoga for MS DVD by Shoosh Crotzer in stock, on my order page. This DVD is a very valuable tool to begin

your wellness journey, if you do not have significant immobility. (The Tai Chi for Seniors, recommended in my books, is no longer


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That's all for this month. Again, welcome to new subscribers. Please know it is always my intent that this NL be interactive. So please anytime take a moment and send me a note
HERE if you have a question or comment. I promise to respond.  

My goal with each issue of this newsletter is to help you achieve the same positive results I and many others have had, reversing whatever physical challenge you may have. Your body is amazingly intelligent; it absolutely evolved to be self-healing. 

I hope you all have a grand spring wherever on the planet you live. Have a great month. Until next time, be kind to yourself, and please remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You never know when you may not have another opportunity. 

Please join me regularly on Facebook.

 Until next time,


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medically trained person, and I  do not give medical advice. But I have been a very serious student of Multiple Sclerosis and nutrition for many years now,
and have developed a program that has kept me symptom free for a lot of years. I  merely share what I have learned in my own journey to healing.

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