JOURNEY TO WELLNESS - September/October 2017                      

"Awaken the medicine within, and restore the natural self-healing capacity of body, mind, and spirit."

Dr. Roger Jahnke in THE HEALER WITHIN

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MY VIEW|______|_____|___

This is a more challenging newsletter for me to write than most.  Our entire nation is reeling from the horrible massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas a few days ago.  And at this time the raging California wildfires are devastating the beautiful California wine country and leaving thousands homeless.  And of course these occurrences follow closely the devastating Hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico. 


This is one of those times when it seems that life as we know it is vanishing. But of course we know that life does go on, even when at the moment we wonder how.  I know that some of my subscribers have been affected by these catastrophic events.  Please know that you are loved and your wellbeing is important to us.


Meanwhile, back at my home office, this newsletter is overdue and I must get back on track.  

If you are new to Journey to Wellness, welcome. Every month [or when the spirit moves me] you will receive a brief e-mail that will contain a link to the NL at my website. The current NL is always available at this website. There is no strict timetable to the newsletters.  My intention is that they publish approximately monthly. One thing I can promise you is that you will not have your inbox filled with lots of missives from me.


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And now I have some really great stuff for you this month!  Included is a very important research report on the dangers of Gadolinium contrast dye. This can be especially important to everyone who has MRIs. You'll also find nuts and bolts of self-healing, a discussion about stress, our greatest enemy, the importance of healthy eating, and a discussion by Ocean Robbins on the answer to our health-care crisis. All are very relevant to our lives.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  NUTS AND BOLTS OF SELF-HEALING

I believe we all deserve a life of health and vitality—and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves. For the past 20+ years I have devoted myself to helping others, especially those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis as well as various other physical disorders and so-called diseases.

About 23 years ago, after experiencing a myriad of neurological symptoms over a period of a couple of years, I was diagnosed with what neurologists call Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I was told it is a progressive untreatable disorder. As I look back I realize I was fortunate in having a very honest and straight forward diagnosing neurologist.


He told me that over the years to come many doctors would probably try to convince me to try various so-called MS drugs. He said they are not effective for the kind of MS I had, so-called Primary Progressive MS (PP MS). He said I should go on living my life as best I could and that I should begin to plan for life in a wheelchair. I was already having a great deal of difficulty walking. NOT A REALLY PROMISING PROGNOSIS!


Coming from a metaphysical background, and believing that my body could heal itself, I set about to search for how to assist my body in doing that. It took me about a year-and-a-half to stop the progression, during which time I tried just about everything you may have heard of.  In another few years I successfully totally reversed all indication that I ever had MS.


What I share and teach through my website, four books, Journey to Wellness Newsletter, Facebook, etc., as well as personal consultations, is totally based on what I learned through my own personal journey back to health.


I am dedicated to tackling the root causes of chronic disease by harnessing the power of meditation, breathing exercises, a healthy diet, and modified yoga and Qi Gong to transform the search for health. I believe this approach to be far more desirable than the often dangerous drugs, and that a healthy body is the birthright of every human being.


ONE OF MY GREATEST DISCOVERIES about my body's ability to heal itself, is SELF TALK. It is an amazingly powerful healing technique. Once you have experienced this amazing feat you will be astounded by not only its ability to heal, but also its simplicity.


Some people "play" with this technique without much success. Why? I'm glad you ask. Mostly they do not understand how and why it works.


HOW: (1) You must be very specific. For instance if you are in pain you must speak directly to the pain. Example: "Go away pain!" (2) You must speak loudly and forcefully, with emotion. And repeat as often as necessary to create that emotion. Ultimately it is the emotion which brings about the change. You may even need to pound your fist forcefully on an object in order to create the emotion necessary.


WHY: Physics tells us that everything in the Universe vibrates at a different level. When we speak aloud to the pain, or whatever else we want to change, as we add the ingredient of intense emotion, we raise our vibration level closer to that of our higher self or the Universe, and the healing happens immediately.


Remember that all spiritual perspectives teach that we are spirit (our higher self or soul), mind (our thinking ability), and body (this physical body we live in). This theory is the origin of the "Holy Trinity" taught by many religions. 


In our self-talk example the spirit has the higher vibration level, and by forcefully telling the pain to go away (body), we raise the vibration level to the spirit or soul level.


I am not trained in physics, but this is my understanding of basically how it works. The next time you have pain, tell it to go away, as described above, and you'll be amazed. You will also have an epiphany regarding your place in the Universe.


IT REALLY WORKS!!  It is also important to note that one need not understand how this works - just do it!  And also remember the foundation of self-healing is always our BELIEF.  Incidentally, I was taught this self-talk technique by Louise Hay, founder of Hay House publishing, who healed herself of cancer many years ago.



It is the consensus of medical experts that probably 85% of the major degenerative diseases  that afflict us are directly related to negative stress.


I get that most of us know that, but doing something about it sometimes seems an impossible task in today's world.  Sometimes it seems that worry and anxiety are our constant companions.


Fortunately we have useful techniques to help us overcome anxiety and stress.  Probably the best stress reliever is consistent daily meditation. I have been practicing meditation for so many years that I cannot imagine my life without its benefits. Several forms of meditation open the door to releasing mental stress, as well as physical stressors.


Breathing exercises should not be overlooked as a very powerful healing technique and to relieve stress. Think of releasing your stress, as though stress is something we hold tightly In our hands. Actually that is a good analogy.


A great yet simple exercise consists of visualizing our stress as a bag with a drawstring  at the top, sitting in the palm of our hand.  Then blow the bag  away and watch it disappear. This little exercise is a good example of something very simple having the potential of producing very profound results. 


Whatever approach you use to relieve stress, the biggest requirement is consistency in your practice.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  SKYPE VIDEO CONSULTATIONS

If you are newly diagnosed, when it is so important to get started on a good program before you sustain significant neurological damage, this is an option I strongly urge you to consider.  Or perhaps you feel "stuck," and have become discouraged.  Usually when that happens our belief level has slipped, and a private consultation can really kick start your program.  These consultations are most effective when done by Skype video (if you have a web cam) or perhaps an iPad. These consultations are up to two hours in length. 

A coach or mentor can be invaluable in your healing journey.  If you are interested in knowing more about a personal consultation, please let me know HERE and I'll send specific information, as well as a pre-consultation questionnaire and testimonials.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  FOCUS ON EXERCISE


GROW YOUNG FITNESS is a special fitness program for seniors that I introduced Journey to Wellness readers to last month.  I heard from many of you in recent weeks letting me know that you have tried this program and found it excellent.  I continue to spend 30-40 minutes every morning doing the GYF program.  I have fought for the last two and a half years to overcome a weakness in my right leg that resulted from my accident and repair surgery which included a hip replacement. The Grow Young Fitness program has made a huge difference for me, and I can see that anyone with limited mobility for any reason could benefit from parts if not all of this excellent program. Give the free Foundation program a try and see if it works for you.  Just go to and try it for free.


I also continue to recommend Qi Gong for healing. I do not think of Qi Gong as an exercise, as we normally think of exercise, but rather a series of movements that encourage healing in our body. I absolutely believe I walk and live a normal life today because of Qi Gong. I do not see any dichotomy in these two recommendations.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  GEMS FROM HERE AND THERE


   HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD YOU CHEW YOUR FOOD?  I recently came across this feature on the Internet.  It is too long to quote here, but I strongly encourage you to read the entire article. Here's the link:


  I often do some of the stretches in the Back to Life program by Emily Lark. If you have chronic back issues as I do, you might want to check out her program.  The following is from one of Emily's newsletters:


    "When I am teaching, I often end my classes with a practice that cultivates loving kindness: 


    My students sit with their eyes closed, and place their hands on their heart.  They breathe deeply 

    and take a moment to give themselves some love and healing energy.


    Next, they place their hands together in a prayer position and they send loving and healing

    energy out to someone they know who might be struggling.


    Finally, they place their hands on their thighs with their palms facing upward and they send loving

    healing energy out to someone they have never met - a person or a group of people who might

    just be in need of  a little love and kindness."


♫   I have become a big fan of Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the Eat Fat, Get Thin book and companion

cookbook. The following quote is from a newsletter I received from him, giving instructions for what he calls

"soft belly breathing" to create a relaxation response:


        Step 1. Put your hand on your belly and allow your abdomen to relax.

        Step 2. Close your eyes or soften your focus and look at the floor a few feet in front of you.

        Step 3. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

        Step 4. Breath deeply into your abdomen and feel it expand as you count to 5.

        Step 5. Pause for a count of 1.

        Step 6. Exhale slowly to a count of 5, allowing your body to relax and release tension.

        Step 7. Repeat for 5 breaths or until you feel relaxed.


Set an alarm on your phone to do this five times a day, every day—upon waking, before every meal, and before you go to bed.


  Five rules of happiness, by Burt Goldman


1. If you like something, enjoy it.

2. If you don't like it, avoid it.

3. If you can't avoid it, change it.

4. If you can't avoid or change it, accept it.

5. You accept it by changing your attitude towards it.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)   From My Mailbox

          Join the Conversation

  Betty. Thanks for the information you shared in the last Journey to Wellness about Bright Line Eating. I have started the program and it is working! Thanks so much. /s/ Signed Debra K.


  Hi Betty. Loved the August newsletter. I don't understand how it happens, but it seems that more and more you write about just what we are needing.  Thanks so much.  /s/ John and Jane R.


Thanks to all who wrote this month.  I really enjoy receiving your e-mails. If you missed the August newsletter, which featured Bright Line Eating and Grow Young Fitness, you will find it HERE.


In a letter from a reader last month I was asked to write about the difference between religion and spirituality.  Even though I don't consider myself qualified, I will share my concept of the difference.




Those of you who have been with me for any period of time know that I do not practice any organized religion.  If you do, that is fine. It is just not for me. 


Please note that I do not believe I have all the answers. I am a seeker like all of you. I see religion as a creed, dogma or set of rigid rules and/or beliefs. In that context I am not a religious person. I am, however, a very spiritual person. I see God as the collective genius/creator of the universe; the glue that holds the galaxies together, the master overseer of all that is, was or ever will be.


I believe that each one of us contains a portion of that collective genius. Whether we call that our soul, higher self, our source, or whatever does not matter to me. I like to think of all human beings as little “godlings.”


Jesus the Christ said that we are made in the image and likeness of God. He also said, “When you have seen me, you have seen God.” It seems to me that He made it abundantly clear that we, at our essential nature, are part of the God source.


I also believe that we are eternal spiritual energetic beings. We tend to forget we are spiritual beings having a human physical experience. We tend to think the persona (our physical mask) we show the world is who we really are. We see ourselves as our body, when our body just happens to be the “house” we are living in at this point in time on this physical plane. Actually our life span on this planet is just a mere infinitesimal parenthesis in eternal time.


I see our life as a classroom, an opportunity to learn lessons and grow through our challenges and by the choices we make. And as we grow and develop spiritually, we move closer to our essential spiritual nature, to rediscovering who we "really" are.


I am often asked if I have developed a "knowing" of who I can help when I take on the task of working with a new person.  The first thing I do is have them fill out a questionnaire that tells me a little bit about them, as well as the history of their physical challenge.


I keep revising and improving that questionnaire regularly. Basically they help me understand the new person.


One of the questions I ask is do you believe in God, and also about any religious training they may have had, and if they practice daily prayers.  Interestingly my definitions of both God and prayer are somewhat different than in most organized religions.  I do not see God as an entity whom you can ask to do things for you.  I see God as an ever-present overseer of all that is, and the creator of all.


Every major religion or spiritual teaching throughout history has taught that we are body, mind (the thinking and decision making part of us), and spirit (our god-like soul). I consider prayer a conversation with that soul part of our being.  My understanding of prayer is that we are talking to ourselves, our soul or higher self. That is why and how our self-talk is so powerfully effective. Simply stated, when we pray, we are communicating with our higher self, as well as the creative power of the Universe.


The person who sees God as an entity somewhere "up there," whom they ask for things or to do something for them, presents a challenge when it comes to helping them heal themselves. The concept that the healer resides within may be difficult for them to grasp until they can feel the connection to their spirit.


The person who says they have been praying for years for (------fill in the blank------) has never really learned how to pray. Asking for things does not work.  Talking to your soul and "accepting" instead of asking provides an avenue to healing.  "I am . . ." or "I have" affirmations, in a meditative state, are a perfect way to begin. Instead of asking for something, merely state the item in the present tense:


Example:  (prayer)                        Please send me a new relationship.

Example:  (affirmative prayer)   I have a loving new relationship.


The very most important thing I learned on my healing journey is:




PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)   RESEARCH NEWS 


Karen sends along the following:


Healthy eating helps with MS…..who knew?  ( duh )


The dangers hidden in the gadolinium used as a contrasting agent in MRIs. Please everyone,

             take a few minutes and read this important report.  A few years ago one of my neighbors had

             an MRI with this contrasting "dye," and it so damaged his kidneys he spent the rest of his life

             on twice weekly dialysis.  Remember that you NEVER have to approve Gadolinium. Please read this

             article and remember it.       


Do you or someone you love have debilitating migraines?


From Ocean Robbins comes some exciting new research data on a common spice that is amazingly effective in relieving migraines.  If you have migraines, you must read this:


         Find out about the common spice that can make a world of difference


Ocean says this migraine treatment is easy to use, 3,000 times cheaper than the most widely used drug, and amazingly effective. See what it is and how to use it here.


A Great YouTube Find - Dr. Michael Greger


I sometimes stumble across a real gem on the Internet.  This is one of the best I have happened on.  If you want to live longer. If you want to avoid a heart attack; If you want to avoid Alzheimer's, etc., then this presentation is a must. It is by Dr. Michael Gregor, one of the best known authorities on nutrition in the world.


If you believe that what we eat fuels our body and is really important, then you need - REALLY NEED - to spend a little over an hour watching the following YouTube presentation. Do be prepared for Dr. Gregor's voice to be irritating. But if you really want to know how to avoid most of the debilitating diseases of aging, then you need to watch the following. Heart disease, Alzheimer's, neurological disorders, etc., he covers them all.


  40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr Michael Greger




Please let me know what you think of this presentation.


THE ANSWER TO OUR NATIONAL HEALTH CARE DEBATE - Here's a must-read article on what really needs to be done about healthy care. It comes from Ocean Robbins and the Food Revolution, HERE.


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Books and DVD Orders

I invite you to order any of my e-books from Amazon at:



(Same information as Four Steps, but directed to non-MS people)


        (Michael and Me shares all the details of my own years-long healing journey,  including meeting my spirit guide, 

         whom I call Michael).

NOTE: The above e-books are also available in PDF format from my order page.


I have the very excellent Yoga for MS DVD by Shoosh Crotzer in stock, on my order page. This DVD was immensely helpful to me when I first began my healing journey, and is a very valuable tool to begin your healing journey. (The Tai Chi for Seniors is presently not available.)

If you find value in this free newsletter and the Betty's House website, please consider making a CONTRIBUTION to help keep them coming to you. To those very special people who made a contribution this month, thank you very much.

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That's all for this issue of Journey to Wellness. Again, a warm welcome to all our new subscribers. Please know that it is always my intent that this NL be interactive. So please anytime take a moment and send me a note HERE if you have a question or comment. I promise to respond.

My goal with each issue of this newsletter is to help you achieve the same positive results I and many others have had, reversing whatever physical challenge you may have. Your body is amazingly resilient and intelligent; it absolutely evolved to be self-healing.

Until next month, be kind and loving to yourself  Please remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You never know when you may not have another opportunity.


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medically trained person, and I  do not give medical advice. But I have been a very serious student of Multiple Sclerosis for many years now, and also nutrition, and have developed a program that has kept me symptom free for a lot of years. I  merely share what I have learned in my own journey to healing.















PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  GEMS FROM HERE AND THERE