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   "Awaken the medicine within, and restore the natural self-healing capacity of body, mind, and spirit."
                                                                                                Dr. Roger Jahnke in THE HEALER WITHIN

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Fall is surely in the air where I live in North Central California.  The leaves are turning all glorious shades of golden yellow and orange, we are getting our cable knit sweaters out, and autumn's special days like Halloween will soon be here.


September also reminds me that In a couple of weeks I have a birthday coming up.  When I was younger I never wanted to even think about birthdays, at  least I certainly didn't think of them as  something to celebrate.  But now that I will be 82 years old, it seems rather a cause for celebration that I have made it thus far and am a healthy, active senior.  I am also blessed with a nice, comfortable home and a great group of friends.  Many of you have been with me since the early days of Journey to Wellness, and I consider all of you my friends. I am fortunate indeed.


This issue of Journey to Wellness covers some of the basics of creating change in our lives. I hope you will find information that will help you on your own journey to wellness. 




Over the last twenty plus years I have been on the Internet, telling everyone that they can heal themselves, and I have had people write to tell me that I sound like a Pollyanna "pushing" a magic ingredient.  I do admit to being a very positive person who takes responsibility for how MY life turns out.  But I cannot ever tell anyone that I absolutely know that what works/worked for me will work for them, beyond the basic ingredients of self-healing.  Why? The truth is nobody knows for sure exactly what or whether something will work or not unless they try.


As long as I live I shall be a "try-er."  As the younger generation often says, "Try it. You might like it." My grandson, who is a 3rd-year University student would say, "That's my grandma!"


My son Kevin's father, Robert Iams, used to say many years ago, "The only reason Rome wasn't built in a day was because I wasn't there!" I don't know about that, but I do know that we all have an innate ability to create our lives as we want them to be.




"All healing is self-healing."

          Richard Gordon, author

          The Secret Nature of Matter, and Quantum Touch


"Awaken the medicine within, and restore the natural self-healing

  Capacity of body, mind, and spirit."   

                    Dr. Roger Jahnke, author The Healer Within


Today the practice of medicine is changing. The enlightened and informed physician and patients have changed not only how medicine is practiced, but the expectation and experience the patient encounters.


Generally this relatively new form of medicine is called "functional medicine." It does not just treat symptoms as traditional physicians have been taught to do, but instead takes into account the whole body, as well as what  the underlying cause of the patient's symptoms happens to be.


In other words, instead of just prescribing a medicine for relief of pain, it is concerned with what is causing the pain. In that process many kinds of laboratory tests are performed. I have learned a lot about functional medicine from Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.


The more I learn about functional medicine the more I am aware of the similarities between functional medicine and ancient Chinese medicine. I was first exposed to ancient Chinese medicine at the Chopra Center for Mind Body Medicine in San Diego, about 23 years ago. There we were taught that the Chinese Medical Doctor (CMD) does not give physical symptoms a name. It rather teaches that when we are experiencing symptoms of illness, they are simply an effect of a body out of biochemical balance (homeostasis).


Chinese MDs prescribe lifestyle changes to aid the body in returning it to a status of homeostasis. There is a strong emphasis on body, mind and spirit, and that all are of equal importance. The healing movement practices of Qi Gong and Yoga were developed by Chinese and Indian medical practioners to aid in self-healing. Meditation is a cornerstone of both these practices.


Dr. Mark Hyman strongly recommends mindfulness (meditation), and says, "I know that mindfulness is a key area in wellness that is often overlooked. As the field of science continues to explore and expand, I get really excited when I see beneficial practices like mindfulness techniques getting the recognition they deserve."


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1/  Diet and Nutrition

2/  Exercise/Movement and Breath Work

3/  Meditation/Stress Reduction

4/  Attitude and Belief


Diet and Nutrition:


I hear it all the time; "There are so many conflicting recommendations I just don't know which to follow. I hear you and I understand how that can be confusing.  And one simply cannot jump from one to the other.  That approach can be very counter-productive and will simply lead no where.


So how does one decide what direction to follow?  I fully understand the dilemma because I have been there. I solved this question for myself, somewhat by trial and error. Twenty plus years ago we did not have the benefit of many nutrition experts like we do today.


I know, I know.  They - these so-called experts - do not agree in many cases.  But when I began my personal journey to wellness, I made a firm decision that I would follow whatever I found was the best for me.  I also knew, and certainly still do know, that we are not all the same.  For instance, I may be intolerant of a certain food, and you may not be, and vice versa.


At that time I decided that all the information I could find suggested eliminating all the "white stuff" as they were called at that time.  That is sugar, flour and white rice, and anything made from them. And I still eliminate them to this day. I can honestly say that just thinking about eating something like sweet pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, etc., is almost offensive to me. I can sit at a table with a large group of people, when everyone else orders a sweet dessert and it never occurs to me to even consider tasting one bite.


I have tried many diet variations like paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, etc., but none of these extremes have worked for me.  But it is important to emphasize that NO FOOD PLAN IS EXACTLY RIGHT FOR EVERYONE.  I do however believe that eliminating processed sugars and white flour and anything made from them is basic for everyone. Most physicians who recommend healthy eating agree. 


Beyond that, some healthy protein and definitely healthy fats, together with a rainbow of colors of lots of vegetables and fruits, balances out a healthy diet. 


Exercise/Movement and Breath Work:


Throughout the eons of time the human body evolved to move itself from one place to another by walking, without benefit of cars, buses or trains. Imagine how many miles/day you would often walk if your legs were your only form of locomotion. Yet today we have become a mostly sedentary society, spending our days primarily sitting.


We often think of exercise as what is often called aerobics. That is not necessarily true.  Aerobic simply means activity which increases the body's demand for oxygen thereby resulting in marked temporary increase in respiration and heart rate.


We tend to think of aerobic exercise as an activity like running, walking, or jumping about, when it would be better defined as anything that increases our breathing rate and therefore the body's oxygen supply.


OXYGEN IS OUR LIFE FORCE. Always remember that our life on this planet begins with our first breath, and life ceases as we know it when we take our last breath.  This means the act of breathing is by definition aerobic, as well as our connection to our life-force.


Combining some physical movement with a simple breath exercise can be magic for our  body. We can halt insomnia, reduce stress, and bring life-saving oxygen to every cell of our body just by simple breath exercises repeated several times during the course of our day.


We still must keep our physical body functioning at peak efficiency by exercising/moving our body at whatever level our physical condition allows in order to keep our body strong and healthy.


Movement combined with breath work is an excellent description of Qi Gong, and a superb way to combine movement and breath work.  I often think of Qi Gong as a moving meditation. The same can be said for some meditative forms of Yoga and Tai Chi.


One of my favorite teachers on the Internet today, Brian Johnson of Philosopher's Notes and Optimize (both of which I have learned much from), says that "Breath control equals life control."  Wow!  How important is that? 


Meditation/Stress Reduction:


I like to think of meditation as relaxing our mind, so that we "tune out" the mind's natural tendency to chatter meaninglessly and endlessly.


On a physical level, by learning the skill of stilling our mind we are able to de-stress. That alone is reason enough to practice meditation regularly. There have been scores of books written about meditation - what is it, how to do it, where to do it, etc., that it almost seems redundant to write more about it. 


However, with that said, many still think they can't meditate,  have tried many times and just couldn't make it happen, and have just given up. Often the challenge is that we have an expectation of something that is supposed to happen - although we have no idea what that something is - and when nothing seems to happen we equate that with "I can't do that," and we quit trying.


The truth is that "nothing" is supposed to happen.  In fact, that is the goal of meditation. In the first level of meditation we simply turn off the outer world and experience total "de-stress."


It is apropos that I write about meditation following a discussion of the role breath and breathing exercises plays in a healthy body. Concentrating on a slow, even breathing pattern, is also a first step to meditation.


The beginner always says, but I can't stop thinking of things.  When your mind wanders, and it will, just bring it back to concentrating on your breath. Notice how your abdomen, chest, and nostrils feel as you breathe. This is the foundation of mindfulness meditation.


You may also just concentrate on a silently repeated word or phrase. One I often hear is simply "release," or "om," "so hum," or "I am."  It can be anything that is meaningful to you. This is the foundation of Transcendental Meditation (TM or primordial). 


Both these techniques are simply ways to de-stress and help us release the mind chatter.


Meditation is a very important self-healing technique.  I hope each reader will find that healing place inside themselves.  It is worth all the effort to get there.


Belief and Attitude:


Belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. 

Attitude is a mental position (feelings) with regard to a fact or state.


Attitude primarily relates to how we feel about something, whereas belief is a mental habit based on what we have heard or read repeatedly. Classic examples of beliefs are religion and politics. Thought leaders today tell us that we create our beliefs, and that we can change them.


Lets relate belief and attitude to our previous discussion on meditation and stress reduction. One must believe they can learn to meditate, or they will continue to tell themselves they really want to learn the skill, but will continue to fail repeatedly until they develop a belief that they can succeed.


I posit that much of our attitude can be attributed to our beliefs. If you hang out with negative people, you will invariably develop a negative attitude. The same is true that positive friends equal a positive attitude.


Good stuff in (beliefs) = Good stuff out (attitude).  Somewhat like which comes first, the chicken or the egg.  Beliefs and attitudes tend to feed off of each other. The bottom line is that we control each one.  I learned many years ago from Zig Ziglar that, "If you put enough of the good stuff in, you will get the good stuff out!"


Let's look at these four cornerstone techniques for change/healing, Diet and Nutrition, Exercise/Movement and Breath Work, Meditation/Stress Reduction, and Attitude and Belief. All these techniques are totally within our control.



Merriam-Webster defines emotion as: 

1:   A state of feeling
2:   A conscious mental reaction (such as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body

Therefore, our feelings are a result of a reaction to our emotional state. We did not come into this world in any particular emotional state; rather we have acquired that state by the events of our lifetime.


If we felt unloved during our formative years, behavioral psychologists tell us that we will most likely feel unlovable or "not enough" as an adult. However, once we recognize those tendencies in ourselves, we can change those strong, destructive emotional feelings.


Our emotions control our beliefs about our self and our self-worth, and they are the driving force behind every decision we make., either consciously or unconsciously. It is those destructive emotions that lead us to develop many of our physical challenges. There are a number of effective approaches to help us release these destructive emotions and their resultant feelings. 

When I first began to write about meditation over 20 years ago it was most often as a technique to reduce stress.  And it certainly is one of the primary ways to reduce unhealthy stressors of various kinds that reportedly lead to approximately 80% of all our disease states. 

If you have not developed a regular meditation practice, I urge you to do that. It is absolutely the top of my list of effective self-healing techniques. 

Another very effective technique for creating lasting changes is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, commonly called tapping. Check it out at  You'll find lots of helpful information there. Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica have written several best selling books based on the EFT principle. Jessica has just released a new book, The Tapping Solution to Create Lasting Change.  I highly recommend it.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  RESEARCH NEWS


FDA Approves First Marijuana-Based Prescription Drug


This is a milestone that could spur more research into a drug that remains illegal under federal law. The Food and Drug Administration approved the medication from GW Pharmaceuticals to treat two rare forms of childhood epilepsy.

The strawberry-flavored syrup is a purified form of a chemical in the cannabis plant — but not the one that gets users high. It’s not yet clear why the ingredient, known as CBD, reduces seizures in some people.

The British drug maker studied the drug in more than 500 patients with hard-to-treat seizures, overcoming numerous legal hurdles to conducting research with cannabis.

FDA officials said the drug reduced seizures when combined with older epilepsy drugs. 


(Sorry.  My link to this story is not working.  Just do a Google search and you'll find it.)


$289 Million Judgment Against Monsanto and Roundup


We have been following this case through the courts for a long time, so I'm sure many of you join me in congratulating the plaintiff.  Unfortunately his cancer is so advanced at this point that he will probably not live to enjoy his victory. The biggest positive in this case is that there are hundreds of other similar cases pending.

PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Bon Appétit - Healthy Food Tips and Recipes


(from a Kraft recipe)

6 Servings


3 c. shredded hash brown potatoes

• 3 T butter, melted

• 1/8 t. black pepper

• 1 pkg (12 oz.) breakfast pork sausage links (or bacon)

• 6 eggs

• 1 pkg. (8 oz.) Mexican style finely shredded four cheese

• 1/4 c. chopped red or green peppers

• 1 T chopped fresh chives


Heat oven to 400°F.


Combine potatoes, butter and black pepper; press onto bottoms and up sides of 12 muffin pan cups sprayed with cooking spray. (I like to bake these in Pyrex custard cups.) Bake about 10 min. or until lightly browned.


Meanwhile, cook sausage (or bacon) as directed on package; drain on paper towels. Cut into 1/2-inch-thick slices.

Spoon sausage (or crumbled bacon) into potato cups. Whisk eggs in medium bowl until blended. Stir in cheese and peppers; spoon over sausage (or bacon). Sprinkle with chives.


Bake 13 to 15 min. or until centers are set.


NOTE: I make six of these in somewhat larger Pyrex custard cups using frozen shredded hash brown potatoes that have been thawed. I love these and they are fun to make.




This tip comes from one of the Internet's most successful funny ladies, Lisa Lillien, aka Hungry Girl. If you ever make pancakes or waffles, like for your children, or when grandchildren come to visit, you'll thank Lisa for this great tip. This is copied directly from Hungry Girl's newsletter. You would of course know that I didn't write it.  I'm not that humorous!! Enjoy.


How does it work?

Forget breaking out a big mixing bowl (where’d you store that thing anyway?) and a wire whisk (it’s always such a pain to get all the batter off)... Just throw ALL your ingredients into a blender, and blend until uniform! You don't have to worry about a lumpy batter because, well, mixing things thoroughly is what blenders do best! Adding nuts, chocolate chips, or something else you don’t want pulverized? Just remove the blender from its base after whipping up the batter, and stir in your goodies.

Why does it rock?

Let us count the ways!

1. It spares us the tireless wrist ache of stirring and stirring.

2. It saves us from having to wash a mixing bowl, a whisk, and a spoon.

3. The easy-pour spout of the blender means less mess.

4. It allows us to seamlessly infuse our batter with wholesome ingredients like fresh fruit and old-  

    fashioned oats!

What types of batters can I make in a blender?

Stick with thinner batters, like those for pancakes and most muffins. For thicker batters (fudge, brownies, and cake), grab your food processor!


    C  carbonated drinks

    R  refined sugars and flours

    A  artificial foods

    P  processed foods

I saw this posted on Facebook, and even though it is a little gross, I thought it worth sharing. Please forgive me it it offends you. It seems like an appropriate way to describe the food-like substances that fill our supermarkets.

 PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  From My Mailbox

     Hi Betty.  Well you finally convinced me to try the overnight refrigerator oatmeal, and we both 

     love them. Thanks for all you do.  Love /s/ Jim and Susan K.


Hello Jim and Susan. How nice to hear from you. So glad you liked the refrigerator oats.  The nice thing about making them in the summer when beautiful fresh fruit is so bountiful is the variety of flavors one can so easily make.  I really love them. Love and {{hugs}}, Betty 


   Hello Betty. Loved the last newsletter, especially the section about Dr. Mark Hyman and

      functional medicine.  It seems that medical science is finally waking up to the body's self-healing abilities.

           /s/ James D.      


Hi James.  You are so right  When I first jumped on the Internet with my website, telling people  they could heal themselves, 20-plus years ago, I received lots of flack from both the medical community and from those who lived every day with the increasing disability from Multiple Sclerosis. They had been so brainwashed by their neurologist that they simply would not consider alternatives. I am so glad to have lived to see the new emphasis on self-healing we are witnessing today.  Dr. Hyman has done much to facilitate that change. Betty 


PE03257A.gif (4096 bytes)  Books and DVD Orders


I invite you to order any of my e-books from Amazon at:


(Same information as Four Steps, but directed to non-MS people)


                (Michael and Me shares all the details of my own years-long healing  journey,  including meeting my spirit guide, whom I

            call Michael. If you are only getting one book, get this one).


NOTE: The above e-books are also available in PDF format from my order page.

I have the very excellent Yoga for MS DVD by Shoosh Crotzer in stock, on my order page. This DVD is a very valuable tool to begin your wellness journey, if you do not have significant immobility. (The Tai Chi for Seniors, recommended in my books, is no longer available.)


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That's all folks!  Again, a warm welcome to all our new subscribers. Please know that it is always my intent that this NL be interactive. So please anytime take a moment and send me a note HERE if you have a question or comment. I promise to respond. My goal with each issue of this newsletter is to help you achieve the same positive results I and many others have had, reversing whatever physical challenge you may have. Your body is amazingly intelligent; it absolutely evolved to be self-healing.

Have a great September, enjoying this beautiful fall month, wherever you live. Until next time, be kind to yourself, and please remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you. You never know when you may not have another opportunity.

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 Until next time,


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a medically trained person, and I  do not give medical advice. But I have been a very serious student of Multiple Sclerosis and nutrition for many years now, and have developed a program that has kept me symptom free for a lot of years. I  merely share what I have learned in my own journey to healing.